3 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for a Point of Sale System

Posted on: 21 June 2016

Some owners of businesses may experience unsatisfactory performance from their point of sale systems (POS) because they did not think through the process of acquiring that system carefully. Consequently, such business owners could have made some mistakes that later came back to haunt them. This article discusses some of the mistakes that you should avoid making as you buy a new POS system for your business.

Mistake 1: Paying Little Attention to References

Some people make a purchasing decision purely based on the sales pitch of a salesperson. Such people may eventually discover that the product that they bought was not as good as it was presented to be. Do not make a similar mistake when buying a POS system. Ask for several references and have a detailed interaction with those references. Make sure that those references that you contact are using the same software and hardware version as the one that you would like to acquire. Find out what impression those references have about the after sales service of the POS provider. Visit one of the stores of the references and see how well the system works in easing the process of receiving payments. Only buy the system if you are satisfied by what current users of that system have to say about it.

Mistake 2: Purchasing a Generic System

Retail businesses differ so much that it is not possible for a single POS system to be suitable for all kinds of businesses. For instance, pharmacies may require a POS system that can keep track of prescriptions upon which drugs have been dispensed. A system that can meet that requirement may not be appropriate for a car parts seller who needs to keep track of the serial numbers of the different components sold. It is therefore better for you to look for a POS provider who specialises in supplying systems to your specific industry. In this way, you will get value for your money because the system will ease your operations.

Mistake 3: Not Paying Attention to Disaster Recovery Mechanisms

Some business owners incur heavy losses when they lose valuable business data during a fire or a flood. Such business owners could have bought a system that did not offer them the best data protection or recovery option available. Do not make a similar mistake. Find out what data backup or recovery options are available and choose a POS system that offers you the best option. For instance, a system that allows the use of cloud-based data backup may be better than a system that requires you to save your data on a hard drive in your data center. This is because the hard drive can be destroyed during a flood or intense fire.

The POS system plays a very important role in enabling you to get real-time information and reports about the state of your business. Do not be casual about how you choose a system to install. Avoid making the mistakes above.