Don't Let Your Floral Table Centrepieces Go Straight To The Rubbish Bin After Your Wedding Reception

Posted on: 9 August 2016

A wedding day is a celebration of love with a lot of planning and expense going into making sure they day is perfect. However, rather than letting your beautiful floral centrepieces go into the trash after the event, there are two different ways you can extend the life of these flowers so they can bring other people joy, too.

Let Your Guests Take Them Home

If you want to let your guests take the floral centrepieces at the end of the night, you need to discuss this with your florist so it can easily happen. Points you need to consider are:

  • How you will let your guests know they are available. A small printed note next each centrepiece could convey this message. Alternatively, at the end of the night, the emcee could make an announcement on your behalf advising the flowers are available for removal.
  • How will the flowers be transported? If you have purchased the vases the flowers are in then your guests can remove the centrepiece as a whole piece. However, if you have rented the vases from the florist or the reception venue, you will need to provide an alternative transportation method. Ask your florist to provide plastic sleeves for small floral displays or boxes lined with tissue paper to transport larger centrepieces. Make sure your guests know where to locate these at the end of the evening.

If you don't want to offer your beautiful flowers to your guests, there are two other places where the flowers will be gratefully received.

Donate Them To An Elderly Home Or A Hospital

Numerous studies have been done to observe the impact flowers have on human emotions, and results show a 100 percent increase in happiness when people are given flowers. Two places where this growth in happiness will be appreciated are an elderly living facility and a hospital.

While you are at the planning stage of your wedding, contact local elderly homes or hospitals in your area to see whether they accept floral donations and if there are any restrictions regarding these. Once you have determined the donation point for your floral centrepieces, you need to organise with either the florist or one of your guests to collect the centrepieces at the end of the night. They can then be transported to the donation spot the next day while you are winging your way to your honeymoon.

Wedding floral centrepieces bring an enormous amount of pleasure to you, so allow others to experience this joy after the wedding. When you give advance thought to your centrepieces well before the wedding, you can take comfort in knowing they aren't thrown in the rubbish at the end of your wedding event.