Maintenance tips to keep your vintage watch in its original condition

Posted on: 14 March 2018

Very few things beat the perfect look of a vintage watch which has been maintained in its original condition. Most owners make the mistake of imagining that because a vintage watch has parts which are aging and falling apart, it is great to replace them with anything which available in the market. While this will fix the problems with the watch, it will compromise the originality and value of the watch by the end of the day. Below are a few tips which can help you keep your vintage watch perfect.

Replacing watch bezels

Bezels of vintage watches tend to fade and crack with age. Most vintage watches had their bezels made from materials like bakelite, which are susceptible to cracking. The bakelite was used because it was anti-glare. However, when the original insert started cracking, owners would change them for metallic parts. While at the time, it may have looked like a malfunction which needed to be rectified, the material has become very rare today, which has increased the demand and worth of watches which have bakelite bezels.

Faded dials

One of the features which collectors are finding very attractive about watches today, is faded dials. A watch which has a faded dial does not necessarily rate as more valuable than others, however, there is a fad going on about the tropical look in watches. This simply means that when a watch has a dialed watch, it has a lot of history and hasn't been sitting on a shelf somewhere. When a vintage watch is being rated, those that have a consistent patina are top rates, because they are seen as charismatic.

The bracelet

This is one of the most important deal breakers in the sale of vintage watches. When selecting a watch, make sure the bracelet matches the bracelet make which was used at the time of the watch production. Buying a watch whose bracelet is mismatched may affect its value by up to 30 percent.

Other important aspects you have to think of in relation to vintage watches is replacing crystals. While most people will think replacing a crystal will hurt the watch, the truth is that it is better to replace an old and chipped crystal with a new one. If the crystal is so bad that it makes it hard to read the dial, replacing it will actually increase the cost of the watch. Also, always consult an expert in vintage jewelry before making any changes to the watches.