Choose a rose bear to really show how you feel

Posted on: 27 September 2019

Everyone likes receiving gifts at Christmas, on their birthday, or to mark a special occasion, but when you are the one sending the gift it isn't always easy to think of the perfect present to express how you feel about a particular person or situation. It's easy to become lost in the amount of choice and spend hours searching through different retail establishments without ever finding something that is exactly right for the occasion. Despite the apparent complexity of choosing gifts, there is one gift option which will always be appreciated by the recipient. Whether you are looking for Christening gifts, Christmas presents, or a love token for that special someone, sending a rose bear is a great way to make them smile at any time of year.

What is a rose bear?

If you haven't come across rose bears before then you will be pleasantly surprised upon your first encounter. As the name suggests, a rose bear is a teddy bear, but this bear is special since it is made almost completely of soft faux roses. These roses are normally handmade and of great quality so that they look real, although unlike real roses these will last forever. A luxury rose bear can be produced in almost any size so you can find the perfect size of bear to suit the occasion you want to mark.

How to customise your rose bear

One of the reasons that a rose bear makes the ideal gift for any occasion is that you can normally customise the bear in any way you wish. Not only can you select the most suitable size for the bear, but you can also select the most desirable colour. You could even opt for a combination of colours. Whether you are seeking a bear with red roses to symbolise your love, white roses to match a Christening dress, pink to show gratitude or any other colour which is favoured by the recipient, you can get what you want with a rose bear. Don't forget that most retailers will allow you to have your rose bear delivered with a personalised greeting included so that you can get your message across to the recipient even if you are unable to be with them in person.

Rose bears bring together the universal appeal of roses with the delight of teddy bears. Who can resist such a combination? A luxury rose bear is exactly what you need to show that special someone just how much you care about them.